Studying the tips, tricks and cons from Hackers, Heists & Hollywood


Patreon: Popular crowdfunding website, announced that over 2M users personal information compromised.

Scottrade: Hackers gained access to a massive database to pull the names and physical addresses of Scottrade customers.

T-Mobile: Hackers stole the personal information of around 15M people, including Uncarrier users accounts.

Hackers, Heists & Hollywood

While it may seem an odd combination, this site focuses hackers, heists and Hollywood.

Always an aficionado of books and movies that have suspense and spies, will be trying to bring the tales of storytelling to real everyday occurrences to show our visitors the reality and possibilities of our connected world that we live in.

How vulnerable we have become and hopefully along the way you will remember a thing or two that can protect yourself from malicious activity that the Internet and the web tools available can wreck on your well being.

The world is not black and white but rather a very gray area so leave your morals to the side and enjoy our twist on fact and fiction as anything is possible with an internet connection and a simple script.

I will try to educate and stimulate at the same time and the most important thing to remember from this site “Always Know Your Surroundings”